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As you may or may not have heard several rumors regarding the future of our band, Pouppée Fabrikk, are currently circulating the web and other places.

The purpose with this piece of information is to silent those rumors and to clarify Pouppée Fabrikks position today, for all of you interested in the future P.F.

So, what has happened?

After the “come back” with the 4-track CD “Elite Electronics” and several successful live performances we started working on follow up CD in the same direction. A couple of good ideas and some preliminary demo recordings became the result.

Due to the bands geographical spread the work process was not as smooth as before and for some the process of writing music for Pouppée Fabrikk became rather burdensome. This realization together with other personal goals, including several demanding side projects, led to the departure of long time member Jouni Ollila.

The departure of Jouni had a great impact on us as a band and made us think about what we wanted to accomplish in the future. Sometime during this reflection period original member Henrik Björkk decided that he also wanted to departure from Pouppée Fabrikk. The main reasons where, different personal goals combined with a huge, we mean huge, production of various side projects. Check out his newly founded label www.205recordings.com for more information regarding some of those side projects.

Still remaining in the band after these major departures are founder Leif Holm and Jonas Aneheim. Obviously we have had a lot of serious discussions between ourselves regarding what we should do with P.F, e.g. what our future intentions where etc., and also what P.F was all about in the very first place.

The conclusion we made was that we have much more to offer as a band when it comes to making good aggressive electronic music, e.g. what we believe that Pouppée Fabrikk was all about in the first place.

The spirit of Pouppée Fabrikk has always been to have a really good time while making and performing hard non-compromising music, not always electronic. In this spirit, hard, non-compromising, fun etc., we want to continue as a band in the future as well.

The way we want move our band forward is by using different singers that we like, both as singers and as persons, for different songs. The singers will not be part of Pouppée Fabrikk, however, but closely incorporated in the creative process involved when making new material.

Whom have we talked with so far?

Hans (from Run Level Zero), Alex Clausen (from danish metal act Grope, check out www.grope.dk), Johan (from Dupont – naturally!) and Pontus (from Octoberland).

They have all been in favor of our suggestions and are enthusiastic to participate in this project.

Another advantage with this set up, compared to the alternatives e.g. contracting a new singer or quit, is that there will be no problem for either Henrik or Jouni to participate in any future Pouppée Fabrikk creation if they so would wish.

We have discussed our intentions and this set up with Esbjörn Sjögren at Prototyp and found out that he is behind us all the way, which feels very promising.

For obvious reasons the next CD will not continue were Elite Electronics left, rather, the next release will mark the start for a totally new era for Pouppée Fabrikk. Hopefully you will appreciate this and make our efforts worth while.

We hope that you all understand that we (Jouni, Henrik, Leif and Jonas) are long time good friends and that there are no hard feelings among each other what so ever. We still drink “a couple of Jäger und Bier” together when we meet up in Karlskoga.

We truly believe that the future for Pouppée Fabrikk is bright and hope that you all will appreciate our future progress.

Thanks for all your support see you around!

Leif and Jonas